About Mama's Cafe

In the Spring of 1975, a revolution began at 9907 San Pedro, A small group of amateur entrepreneurs joined together to transform the address into a unique community-oriented restaurant, a gathering place for all walks of life, whose food and service would be good, and where anyone could be comfortable. They named her "Mama's". Time continues to add to the crazy list of things that have happened over the growth of the company since the good ole days ... cook-offs, pour-offs (best Margaritas in town), auctions, sales of all kinds, benefits, tournaments, concerts, contests, Park and Rides, beer busts, receptions, reunions, and even a circus.

Think back, we know you have your own memories to share with Mama!! The revolution goes on!! Good food, affordable prices, genuine service, comfortable, unique environment and active involvement in the life of the community. A success story written about more than restaurants, but gathering places where food and drink are enjoyed ... and fun is shared!!

Good Food

Cold Drinks